Please post any possible leads in here. These are for anything that could be tangently related to the ARG, but has no sustenence yet.

File namesEdit

File name of TBiFoS excerpt:

  • f2h3fcfwha7awldkfjsdaf4


  • f94xu59m9hgfmdrh
  • ghjkiluy3d74j6lf
  • fwierfuy3dqj7f8m
  • f5ce77573djdryyj
  • 597hj5575vkjuyyk
  • nm764n7c6t8ktkvh

Steven Daigle AmazonEdit

Wishlist found through Steven Daigle's twitter.

This gets further legitimacy from a review by a man named Ramblemancy. PaulBlank from the Cracked Forums found a review from Ramblemancy on Steven Daigles Wishlist:

Once you've discovered the creatures these fruitily filled breaded concoctions attract, you'll line the lower decks of your three story house on the hill with at least 30 popped tarts. I say popped because they punch, they rub hard against your hands and rise up when heated. So place them, around two meters apart, on the wooden slates, down the stairs, into the grass and up to the tree where the creatures live. They will ramblemancy up to you, attempting to use magic and coax the birds into accomplished co-attackers. The preface co is meaningless. Remember this before buying this. This review is true, it is a true recollection of pop tarts, the box and the colour red. Once they are done with the ramblemancy, they will eat nine of the 30 and then twelve more. The sleep they reach, from sugar filled blood, will make them vulnerable to moving, moving away to your most disliked disdainful neighbours.

I hope this helps. I honestly hope it helps.

This lead us to more strange reviews and commets by Ramblemancy.

All of this Reviews and comments were posted on early march of 2012.

We found his webside:

Full list of his comments and reviews by Feffers:

Cracked user TheDeadman email Ramblamancy/Jason Nelson and got this response

"[name removed for pricacy],

Hmm....the stuff I posted? I assume you mean my brand of strange digital art and poetry. But I didn't post anything anywhere....where did you see it?

...I explored the folks you mentioned...horror writers? curiously strange?

And do spread my brand of strange net-art anywhere and everywhere!

cheers, Jason

On Mon, May 28, 2012 at 1:35 PM, xxx wrote: > Name, Surname: XXX.XXX > Mail address: [Mail removed for privacy] > > Message SEND FOR SITE: > Hi. I just wanted to say that I really like the stuff you posted. > Have you ever heard of two guys named John Chesse and David Wong?

-- Jason Nelson

Net Art/Digital Poetry and other oddities"

Ramblemancy seems to have a facebook, though nothing has been posted yet.

Changing of the Wally's websideEdit

On May 26th the file containing the prologue to the second book was moved from


For a short time after that, both links contained a copy of the file, before the old link was removed and is now leading back to the log-in page.

If /d/ stands for David this may be a possible lead for some new accounts that may be accessed later.

And now things are deleted from the site, primarily Rick emails.