An email from John Cheese to David Wong

John calls David "Foxwolf". Foxes and wolves are members of the Canidae family.

META: After the first hour of the ARG the subject line was changed from Dogs to Possible Apocalypse


Possible Apocalypse Email

From: John

To: DavidW289


Hey, I need a favor. When you get a chance, I need you to compile all of the video rentals of the "people" we talked about. If these things are impersonating people the way I suspect that they are, then they're probably doing actual people stuff. Watching movies, playing games, pooping. Drinking beer, making costumes for Halloween, dancing in their rooms when they think nobody is watching. You know, people stuff. Cooking frozen pizzas, getting haircuts, buying new curtains, washing their dog, mowing the lawn. You get the idea.

Buying new pants, updating their computers, taking walks through the park, changing the oil in their cars.

Oh, yeah, that movie thing. What I'd do is just keep a record of everything they're renting because I'm positive you're going to find a pattern there. I'll talk more about it later. Right now I have a meeting with a dude about the me-doll they made after the movie came out. You doing alright with money? If not, I can get you a free one so you don't have to buy it yourself.


P.S. I changed your name from David Wong to Foxwolf to protect your identity if your email ever gets hacked.