Combined Image

Combined from three seperate images. It was sent from SMDMC Department of Debt Collection.

Found number on the page called to find

your account:8824751 your pin is: 3791548577632482950428477526325485

June 2nd: Sent EmailEdit

On June 2nd, a sent email was sent out with the same image, this time larger and titled aormv703jdghswyoq0485nvbzuw78.


Spectograph of the mp3 found in the textfile found in the rar.

When changed into an mp3, it has a radio excerpt from a radio station AM1050.

Jack: And you're back with jack and the hammer on AM1050. We're talking about all kinds of crazy stuff happening in the news. uhh, we're talking about Miami, bath salts, uhh you name it. It's just craziness going on out there. uhhh got a couple callers on the line, go ahead caller one?

Caller: Uhh yeah, Jack, Hammer?

Jack: uh-huh

Caller: Am I on?

Jack: Oh, you're on the air

Caller: Ok, uhh Mr. Jack Mr. Hammer, I think what Obama's doing here is bad. It's uhh, those of us in the know know this kind of stuff is coming to a head

Jack: Now, now when you say "in the know" what are you talking about?

Caller: I'm talking about those of us with our eyes open

Jack: mmhmm

Caller: Those of us who have prepared for this day, who have guns who who, we run thangs, we know whats going on

Jack: So from what I understand you, you've got scenarios planned

Caller: mmhmm

Jack: uhh, guns?

Caller: Yes sir

Jack: you

Caller: plen-plenty of guns, we've got plenty of guns, plenty of food, everything canned up, stocked storerooms, oh we know where to go

Jack: Now don't you think that's just a little bit crazy?

Caller:Crazy!? It's crazy not to be this prepared, I mean if you think about it, society has bred us this day, and we're ready for it.

Jack: Well alright, well when the world comes to an end, I'm sure glad I know who uhh who to come talk to

Caller: yes sir

Jack: Alright, thank you for calling

Caller: You're welc-

Then it was changed into a rar that was password protected. The password was AM1050. It revealed a text file that was turned into an mp3 again. The mp3 was revealed to have the word origins? inside.

Found through the beeping

Going to we found out, that we could ask for the password to Daves Intranet account. Doing so, we got a new mail:

From: Wally's Corporate

To: DavidW289

Thank you for using the password reset form.

Our records show that your password has been reset 57 times in the past 3 months. Due to the amount of requests, for your safety your password will be emailed to you within 48-72 hours.

Have a great day!