Emailing the Hamburger of the Month Club has yielded personalized responses. These are those responses.

"Hey there hamburger lover, thanks for your interest! We'll be sure to send you the best in hamburger photos as soon as we get them!"

"We regret to inform you that fake burgers are against the TOS. We aplogize, but you are no longer allowed to receive updates from the Hamburger of the Month Club. Have a great day otherwise!"

"That is not a hamburger. You aren't very good at this. Sorry, but someone had to tell you."

"Once we get all of the pictures of burgers, we put it in the Burgertron-2000 and it tells us the ranking. Once that is complete we send them straight to your inbox, hot and juicy! So probably next month. Thanks for your interest!"

"That looks like a good burger, Why did you try to eat it sideways?"

"Burger is ok, 5/10, beard is lacking direction. 4/10."

<Virlomi> I emailed a drawing of a hamburger and asked them if they knew hamburger_lover69, I got "We don't personally. Paper makes a non tasty burger though."

After sending an e-mail saying "I'm registered as Hamburger_Lover69 on your fine website, but can't seem to remember my password. I can't find where on the website I can go to recover said password (either through email or the secret question/answer I provided), can you direct me to it?"

Responded: "We currently do not have a website. Thanks for trying to steal someones identity though! Your email has been forwarded to the NSA."

(After sending picture of JDatE between two buns) "That doesn't look like it would taste well"

(After correcting grammar of previous message) "No, it would not taste well. Think about it, what can a book taste?"

Asking, "What do you know of KorroK" yielded the response, "We've had a recent influx of questions regarding KorroK. Is it a new chain for burgers? Keep us informed!"

Favourite hamburger-themed movie: "Obviously Hamburger: The Motion Picture."

[Feffers] A conversation I had with HotMC, though it didn't seem to yeild anything useable:

[Alkaone] A conversation I had with HotMC, though it didn't seem to yeild anything useable:

(In response to a dog and cat stand off over a burger and the posed question who do you think would win?): "Whoever wins, we lose"

(When asked "What do you think of the Air Bud franchise of family dog movies?"): "We love talking dog movies, they are hilarious. Stuff like that kills us."